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Her name is Lauren and she's been waiting to help you tell your story.

Born and raised in the Washington, DC area, Lauren grew up knowing she had a strong passion to create. After graduating from Virginia State University, she created LilyAnnRivers Photography, capturing quality photos for everyday people. Now, she's expanding and exploring a new side while still capturing everything. 

The LilyAnnRivers Creative Suite, LLC is a new venture, developing marketing strategies for small businesses while helping entrepreneurs network with each other. New entrepreneurs can learn what it truly means to be the brand they create and own their marketing space. Existing businesses have the opportunity to also work with other businesses to build relationships and increase revenue.

So let's create, promote, capture precious moments and make an impact in the community together at The LilyAnnRivers Creative Suite, LLC.

Lauren "Lily" Fells

Photographer, Marketing Consultant

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